Countering form spam bot attacks

Spammers, the dregs of the internet, are now using automated bots to explore form security.

The bot completes the form to test for possible usage as a spam relay, attempting to inject extra headers which, if successful, will send the response to the bot owner.

To counter their tactics, fields like the mailto, from and subject fields can be checked server side (all user input should be checked server side).



if ($to !== "")
die("Getawoollyoneupyah, spammer!");

from and subject fields:

if ((preg_match(' /[rn,;'"]/ ', $_POST['Email'])) || (preg_match(' /[rn,;'"]/ ', $mailSubject)))
die("Go away, spammer!");

Then, to prevent the bot filling in the form at all, the contact name field for example, can be checked as the bot attempts to fill in all fields with an email address.

elseif (eregi("[^-a-z ]", $_POST[Name]))
echo "Characters in name field are invalid.";
$_POST[Name] ="";

More information about the relevant email injection exploit can be found here:

There’s a form testing script linked here as well as an explanation re asp scripts:

and a script to ban known spam bots here:

Gallery Cards and Art

During the holidays, I have had time to collect some of my art work and digital experiments of 2005 and put them up on the Sibagraphics Art Gallery.

Some of the digital art is inspired by natural features and plants growing in the gardens here and others are purely imaginative.

There are also some e-cards for you to send to your friends on various occasions. Enjoy!

Desktop Wallpaper – Australian Native Birds

Some more new wallpaper for download – a kookaburra and a magpie, photographed at Lake Baroon near Montville on the Blackall Range, where we were lucky enough to enjoy our Christmas lunch with good friends.

In between margaritas, strawberry champagne, turkey breast, prawns, peach melba and chocolate, we cooled off in the dam.

Desktop Wallpaper – Summer Flowers

To celebrate the summer season, new desktop wallpaper of roses and cattleya orchids have been added.

Our garden is an exotic explosion of colour and beauty during summer, with irises flowering first, followed by roses and finally the orchids reveal themselves for their yearly display.

Two of the featured roses however are from a friend’s garden – they are classical old english roses.

Skype … free net phone software

For efficient internet telephony, all that is needed is the free program from, either a mike and speakers or preferably a headset mike, available from your nearest electronics store. Plug in the headset mike to one of the speaker outs and the mike out with similar colours connecting and you’re set.

Search for friends, and add me too 🙂

New desktop wallpaper – spring roses

For my birthday, Miyuki and Aki from Ninderry Manor Luxury Bed and Breakfast Retreat gave me a lovely Phalaenopsis orchid which I quickly photographed to share as desktop wallpaper.

Our new Jessika rose has proved prolific this spring and its sumptious blooms are also available for download.

Noosa Marriage Celebrant

Linda Hari Scholes is a professional Noosa wedding celebrant with a flair for conducting ceremonies tailored to your individual requirements. Linda has assumed ownership of the Noosa Celebrant site from Lynette Gordon, who has now moved her marriage officiant business to Sydney.

The new site is themed around roses … and I have used photos of the delightful Delbard Matisse roses growing in my garden for the background and icons. The site also features XHTML coding and advanced CSS techniques.

Countryside Realty Noosa

Noosa hinterland real estate agency, Countryside Realty, is a great resource for people looking to relocate to or invest in Noosa Shire. Not only have this friendly sales team moved to new premises in Cooroy, but they have a new look for their site.

The site has been upgraded to XHTML 1.0 and utilises advanced CSS for positioning.

Noosa Real Estate – Noosa Golf Villas

Noosa Golf Villas provides an independent, boutique Noosa real estate service for luxury properties in Noosa Springs. As well as managing real estate sales, the agency offers golfing holiday makers affordable rental accommodation in lovely homes close to the golf course, lagoons and lake.

This new site features flash animation on the front with fixed CSS styling throughout. The site look is inspired by spanish colours including villa terracottas.

A List Apart upgrade

The wonderful site, A List Apart, from which I’ve learnt perhaps more than from any other about web design, has just been upgraded. It now features a four column layout, but strangely is built to accept a minimum browser size of 1024 x 768. The sophisticated css visual effects more than compensate.