Font sizing

As well as through the font checking utilities on this site, the perennial problem of font sizing methods acceptable for all browsers is discussed by Owen Briggs at his site. He supplies some handy cross-browser comparison screen shots.

Owen leans towards using percentages due to their compatability. I’ve recently started setting html {font-size:100%} then body {font-size:90%} and em units throughout the rest of the style sheet. Wondering whether it may be best to go back to using percentages only as it doesn’t seem to make much difference as long as the base font is set at 100%.

New Wallpaper Roses

I bought a most glorious rose at the Pomona Markets on Saturday … it’s a French Delbard rose called “Henri Matisse”, from the Delbard Painters series. It’s an expensive rose because the breed is patented by Delbard, though worthwhile for its fascinating beauty and perfume. My new rose bush has three new buds which will open in a few days.

The last rose I acquired a year ago was a lovely yellow full bloomed variety which has a heady perfume and is a delicious creamy rich yellow. I’ve converted the photos I took of these two beauties into wallpaper for download by rose afficionados and other floral fanatics.