WordPress 2.0

After several hours of hair-tearing, WordPress 2.0 is now installed with a new Siblog theme … a major overhaul with much CSS tweaking, which has tidied up the layout. I’ve introduced a permalink structure via .htaccess which may improve search engine visibility.

All seems to be running satisfactorily thus far though doubtless the tweaks will continue for a while.

Download the latest WordPress 2.0 here.

WordPress upgrade

I visited the WordPress site and grabbed the latest update. Installed 1.51 with no issues at all in about 2 minutes flat. Next time I change the look of the Sibagraphics site, I’ll develop my own blog theme. Using themes makes updating even less hassle.

WordPress 1.5 and other updates

No problems updating the Siblog to WordPress 1.5 …. I managed to retain all mods with no problem. With any luck the spammers will be frustrated further.

While I was at it, I’ve updated Sibagraphics and client forums … slightly more complex but very worthwhile. I’ve also implemented some considerable css compression by (1) converting all hex colours to shorthand names eg. #003366 becomes #036, and (2) including line-height sizes in font styles eg. font: italic bold .75em/1.2em verdana, sans-serif.

A Spam-free Siblog?

After disallowing comments for some time because of the pernicious spam comments requiring perpetual moderation, I’m trialling the hack at http://www.liberty.org

Thus, this is an experimental thread.

WordPress Topsites

Registered for WordPress Top Sites … they say not to alter the code, but if one doesn’t it spoils my page validation. Successfully altered their code to XHTML with a completed alt tag with no ill effects.