New Year, New Host

Bear with us while we find time to re-customise our blog! due to our old host going out of business, we’ve had to move, so we’re going to work on a whole new look. No promises about when we’ll have time to finish, but you can rest assured it’ll be attractive and fun!

Meanwhile, here’s a retrospective of some of our old designs.

WordPress 2.2.1 upgrade

Another successful and swift update completed for the Siblog. WordPress gets better and better – now with inbuilt sidebar widgets and a plethora of new plugins, this software is clean and convenient. And best of all, Google loves it!

WordPress 2.1

This is becoming a daily habit almost. The new major WordPress 2.1 version, code-named Ella for Ella Fitzgerald, is now installed with no problems. Next update isn’t due till April 23 thankfully! Regular updates are intimated from now on which will make it better for using WordPress on client sites.

WordPress 2.0.7

That was quick! another update hot on the heels of the last. Only 6 files changed this time so it took only a few seconds to update. I see the next major version – WordPress 2.1 – will be out at the end of the month – I need to set a reminder for it.

WordPress 2.0.6

No sooner than the vulnerabilities are revealed than they are fixed by the WordPress team. Another upgrade successfully accomplished in record time!

WordPress Update

Another update has been applied with no problems. Got to hand it to the WordPress gang … they make it very easy to stay secure! Keep on blogging …

WordPress 2.0.1 upgrade

A couple of spare moments meant I could download the latest WordPress 2.0.1 version and upgrade.

After a complete site link check I found I had feed problems due to my permalink structure, as well as one or two other annoyances – like stale links throughout the blog. All are now rectified and with any luck there won’t be any more upgrades for a bit.

Now that I have completely developed my own theme, upgrading is much easier – from the date modified attribute on the new theme files I can tell which of my theme files to update also.