WordPress 2.0

After several hours of hair-tearing, WordPress 2.0 is now installed with a new Siblog theme … a major overhaul with much CSS tweaking, which has tidied up the layout. I’ve introduced a permalink structure via .htaccess which may improve search engine visibility.

All seems to be running satisfactorily thus far though doubtless the tweaks will continue for a while.

Download the latest WordPress 2.0 here.

3 Replies to “WordPress 2.0”

  1. There’s some comments about the new visual post editor being unaccessible for people with sight disabilities, yet I see that when I registered, there’s an option to turn it off. Good deal!

  2. There’s some minor CSS issues to resolve to make the new theme display properly in IE, but in Firefox, it’s working like a dream.

  3. I’ve decided to make the blog liquid design with the whole page used whatever resolution. Most CSS problems are now resolved, though IE is still doing interesting things.

    I can’t find where I can make WordPress only list yearly archives – the list on the left will become very long eventually, I fear.

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