Socceroos out of the Cup – but what a team!

Not only have the beloved Socceroos ended their assault on the FFA World Cup, but this morning Spain was knocked out by France 🙁 The French recovered from their limp campaigns to date and Zidane carried the day. Till now, the Spanish team were playing magnificently and yet again as in the past, they were denied a strike at victory.

There’s much sadness round the traps that the Socceroos, who had managed to squeeze through to the second round despite a tumult of lousy refereeing, were chopped out by a disputed and very malevolent penalty awarded against otherwise complete hero Lucas Neill. Bresciano was amazing – looked like he was playing three positions. Why didn’t Hiddinck had put in Kennedy to replace Viduka? Viduka was no match for the Italian defence.

Goalkeeper Schwarzer saved the day on several occasions but couldn’t prevent the last minute penalty kick.

Next cup, I think the Socceroos will do even better – their performance this time will inspire much greater things in Australian football – once Aussies put their mind and effort en masse into a sport, they usually win sooner rather than later.