Sunshine Coast Photography by Nikki Bezel

Another revamp and recoding has been uploaded – the site of professional Sunshine Coast photographer, Nikki Bezel. Nikki’s specialties are photography of architecture, real estate and portraiture. He also provides electronic publications and photography for brochures for advertising.

Nikki’s site integrates xhtml and flash to allow search engines to spider the site fluidly.

Vegan World Network

The site of the Vegan World Network has received a complete makeover and xhtml recoding with streamlined style sheets to enable it to grow unimpeded and successfully. Our client has been able to master the coding used, and is now happily updating the site himself.

Fabulous weekend at Ninderry Manor Bed and Breakfast

AntipastiOur yearly luxury weekend at the wonderful Ninderry Manor Bed and Breakfast on the Sunshine Coast trumped even last year’s magnificent experience. From the delicious sunset cocktails and artistic hors d’ouvres to the divine Japanese dinner cuisine dreamed up by Aki to the mouth-watering French inspired breakfasts, we and our friends were relaxed and pampered, enjoying the revitalisation of our friendship in the most elegant, inspirational surroundings. Each stylish bedroom has its charm and boasts as part of the fare a selection of bon bons, chocolates and after dinner port.

The Japanese dinner was absolutely heavenly and unforgettable – except for the names of the dishes! Yet incorporated into the superbly presented four course menu were my favourite food fetish – shitake mushrooms, along with scrumptious parcels of asparagus and beef and Aki’s dessert specialty – sesame seed homemade icecream amongst other delectable surprise fantasies. Nowhere else in our experience is food presented so artistically, and the flavours are just unbelievably unique and delicious.

For the final breakfast, Aki presented us with another delight – caramelised fruit – to die for. We’ll be back – as soon as possible!

Thanks to Aki, here’s the complete menu from our special fabulous dinner.

Tuna TartarMixed Japanese Antipasti
– Light Prawn Fritter (Ebi-Shinjo)
– Omelette Roll w/English Spinach and Shimeji Mushrooms
– Smoked Salmon Roll w/Prawn, G-Beans, Carrot and Cucumber
– Scallop Teriyaki w/Japanese Lime Pepper Sauce and Japanese Basil

Tuna Tartar Style

Mini Sushi Rolls Variations
– Salmon Raw – Cod Raw
– Deep Fried Bean Curd (Inari)
– Turnip – Unagi

Main Meal
– Rolled Beef Asparagus with Miso Sauce & Seven Flavoured Chilli

Dessert/ Ice-cream
– Green Tea – Boysenberry
– Black Sesame – Sweet Red Bean Paste

Japanese dinner at Ninderry Manor

Our friends Dom and Kev joined us for joint birthday celebrations at the lovely Sunshine Coast Bed and Breakfast, Ninderry Manor for another amazing Japanese feast. After feeding the crowd of kookaburras, butcher birds and magpies on the verandah their dinner, our banquet began with a zingy midori cocktail and dainty nibbles. Then seated at the elegant antique dining table, we sampled a delicious prawn mousse (called something like chow mushy) for entree, followed by Aki’s wonderful Sukiyaki, complete with my favourite yam noodles.

Dessert was a trio of homemade icecreams with fruit salad, including Aki’s specialty – sesame seed icecream – the unique taste of this visually exciting delicacy is unforgettable.

Ninderry Manor has to be experienced to be believed – we thoroughly recommend it as the premier Queensland destination for short, delicious, romantic holidays.

Sunshine Coast Recording Studios – Spark1 Studios

Located in the Sunshine Coast hinterland, Spark1 Studios offers musicians state of the art music recording equipment in a superb environment for inspired performance production.

Sparky has produced albums for musical luminaries such as Gemma Doyle, Paul Fogarty and Radha.

Sibagraphics has transformed the coding of the Spark1 site and added a resources page along with other improvements.

Ninderry Manor – premier Sunshine Coast B & B

The delightful Miyuki and Aki Kitabatake are proud to announce they have won the Bed and Breakfast Book’s People’s Choice award for 2006. Richly deserved! Ninderry Manor is the best B & B we’ve ever stayed at in Australia – and the food is fabulous.

We’re going there on the 23rd for joint birthday parties with Medicine Room author, Dominique Finney and husband Kev from Hintertech Solutions to revel in Aki’s divine celebratory sukiyaki complete with delicious udon noodles.

Pomona Vet Surgery site

The new Pomona Veterinary Surgery site is now installed. As well as providing information about the Pomona Vet Surgery services, the site includes publications of case studies by veterinarian Dr. Carol Cave of acupuncture treatments on animals with which she has had some very significant outcomes.

Pomona Vet Surgery also specialises in animal chiropractic treatments, homotoxicology, dentistry and radiology.

The site features flash animation on the front page and a fixed layout with extensive use of CSS.