Useful Google Search Tips

Ever wanted to know how to search between dates, or exclude information you don’t want Google to show in your search results? These and more tips are here.

Also useful are how to search within a price range, and don’t miss doing a barrel roll!

Google SearchWiki

How will google deal with the assault on its SearchWiki by spammers? and will it be used in developing page rank?

According to Google:

“The changes you make only affect your own searches. But SearchWiki also is a great way to share your insights with other searchers. You can see how the community has collectively edited the search results by clicking on the “See all notes for this SearchWiki” link.”

Voting on and annotating our sites and coopting our friends, employees and co-workers to do so too may be yet another chore to add to the ever expanding list of compulsory SEO tasks.

Personalisation of Google Search

Web developers who stick to the straight and narrow when page building may be likely to be rewarded with the institution of Google local and personalised search facilities.

Gord’s interview with Matt Cutts discusses at length some of the new directions Google is currently taking.

Matt: I wouldn’t say that it’s necessarily the nail in the coffin, but it’s clearly a call to action, where there’s a fork in the road and people can think hard about whether they’re optimizing for users or whether they’re optimizing primarily for search engines. And the sort of people who have been doing “new” SEO, or whatever you want to call it, that’s social media optimization, link bait, things that are interesting to people and attract word of mouth and buzz, those sorts of sites naturally attract visitors, attract repeat visitors, attract back links, attract lots of discussion, those sorts of sites are going to benefit as the world goes forward. At the same time, if you do choose to go to the other fork, towards the black hat side of things, you know you’re going to be working harder and the return is going to be a little less. And so over time, I think, the balance of what to work on does shift toward working for the user, taking these white hat techniques and looking for the sites and changes you can implement that will be to the most benefit to your user.

Bigdaddy Google update

Bigdaddy seems to have sorted some wheat from the chaff, reducing the value of reciprocal links and most particularly from unrelated sites. Matt Cutts’ post on the results thus far of the earthquake that was Big Daddy is good value for search engine optimisers.

Good quality, useful content that attracts inbound links naturally rules from now on it seems, though to get the ball rolling reciprocals are still necessary.

Google and phpBB Forums

It appears that Google has taken a negative view of phpBB Forums due to the prevalence of worm invasions and spammers using them. I noticed my forums posts had been designated as supplemental – in other words, penalised, despite my constant fumigation of pron merchants. As well, I found evidence for my theory at WebProWorld and phpBB community forums.

Thus I’ve moved the useful information gathered over the years from Sibagraphics Forums to Siblog, which is prominent with the search engines despite being round for less time than the forums. It’s much more convenient for me only having one venue to administrate as well!

Happily, WordPress has the ability to moderate all comments and posts and doesn’t have a member list available for the miserable spammers to infest with their puerile poker urls etc.

Google rankings

Found this tip at geek ramblings. Get your google rank by placing the code on your page. Beats installing the google bar.