New Year, New Host

Bear with us while we find time to re-customise our blog! due to our old host going out of business, we’ve had to move, so we’re going to work on a whole new look. No promises about when we’ll have time to finish, but you can rest assured it’ll be attractive and fun!

Meanwhile, here’s a retrospective of some of our old designs.

NASA Retro Posters For Free

Delicious NASA space-themed posters feature the retro holiday style you can long for in your dreams. How many of the fonts which have been used do you recognise? Download the posters and print out your back to the future brochure reminder.

We like Earth the best – perhaps the Universal Travel Bureau may wish to keep humans from actually holidaying elsewhere until they can care for their own backyard sustainably.















Academy Dance Studios, Southport

Academy Dance StudiosAre you interested in learning to dance from qualified professionals for pleasure or looking to begin a career lifetime immersed in dance? Academy Dance Studios can assist you build a solid foundation in ballet, tap, musical theatre and many other dancing styles.

Situated conveniently in Southport on the Gold Coast, Queensland, Academy Dance Studios can fulfill your dancing tuition needs.

Business Intelligence & Data Warehousing

BI & DW AustraliaAre you looking for the right person for your specialised requirements? With 16 years relevant industry experience, BI & DW Australia is the only Business Intelligence and Data Warehousing Professional Services focused search agency in Australia.

This new site features a range of new plugins, enhanced widget control and sliders.


From an interesting article promoting the exhibition “Blue: Alchemy of a Colour”, currently showing at the National Gallery of Victoria (NGV) in Melbourne, examining Asian and European works of art employing the colour blue from the 7th century AD to the present:

‘The ubiquity of indigo dye has resulted in blue becoming the colour of the everyday clothes of the working class in Europe and Asia. But predominantly blue textiles and garments are also some of the most prestigious textiles, imparting status to the wearer and worn on important ritual occasions.

Their prestige may be signified by the of valuable materials such as gold and beads, the incorporation of extra colours, patterns and techniques, or special finishes.

In China the colour blue generally signifies the natural world, springtime, youth and immortality. The emperor wore a blue court garment at annual ceremonies associated with the heavens and crops, and indigo blue was the most common ground colour of Manchu clothing during the Qing dynasty (1644–1912AD).’

Noosa North Shore Retreat

Noosa North Shore RetreatNoosa North Shore Retreat joins the Noosa Wedding Ring. Choose from three great reception settings. The Retreat can cater for intimate elopements to grand receptions.

New Site for Watson’s Marine

Watson's MarineIndulge your secret dreams for the best fishing boat and water cruiser you can imagine. Watson’s Marine in Gympie make stunning aluminium alloy boats and trailers along with the best marine accessories. Your dreams can be realised easily with the innovative team at Watson’s Marine, who can custom build to your requirements.

Enjoy the new Watson’s Marine site, which has an ocean of photos and information about the extensive Vindicator aluminium boat and trailer range!